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Entertainment on board Ships - More than Musicians


Undoubtedly the best musical entertainment a cruise ship could hope to employ. Not only did they tirelessly engage with the passengers but built a great relationship with them  
Talented,sensitive  and utterly professional 
Fran especially has a great gift for working a crowd smoothly without false patronizing

Guest on board Orion 2014


Quality entertainment every night of the Cruise


Assisting with Zodiac operations (Disembarkation and embarkation)


"Amazon blue who provided the on-board entertainment were amongst the best we've witnessed on ANY ship. Not only were they entertaining but mixed well with everyone and were just a delight to be with every evening."
--Mel and Stella Haycock Guests onboard Orion expedition criuses​

​“Expediton ship itineraries are mostly in the wilderness, and some trips (like Antarctica) last as long as three weeks. Gus and Fran kept the passengers well entertained with their vast musical repertoire. In addition, they pitched in to help with expeditions and landings, over and above their musical contributions. They are consummate professionals, and a pleasure to work with.”​
Mick Taylor, Captain, Orion Expedition Cruises​​
managed Amazon Blue indirectly at Orion Expedition Cruises

     AMAZON BLUE are accustomed to having to be the sole entertainment on small 5 star ships .​They have experience with Sail away parties, Captains Cocktails, theme nights, and changing their regular nightly programme for long term guests.​examples are:​
  •  Remembering the cool 70s  
  •  A Tribute to Sinatra
  •  Jazz and Shiraz evening
  •  Eagles / Fleetwood Mac night
  •  Ladies of Song ( Striesand,Bette Midler and The Carpenters show)
  •  Dancing on Deck ( 50s,60s, 70s to current)
  • Name that tune and trivia game nights
  •  Hosting fashion parades and Auctions
  •  Smooth jazz groove café del mar music
  •  Talent Shows for Guests and Crew
   Their diverse repertoire always shows class and style but can be adapted for special events or to mix up the weekly entertainment... Their repertoire consists of over 600 songs from many styles and lounge and cocktail bars are their specialty with an audience.

   Amazon Blue have a great understanding of ship life and working in with a team for safety and customer satisfaction.

 Their ability to bring a stylish class to the evening music for the discerning well traveled guests to respectfully enjoy over a glass of fine wine while sailing into the sunset is their standout specialty.

Assisting with End of Voyage D.V.D.


  Hosting events onboard

  Fashion parades


  Hosting Crew Shows

  Lighting and sound for special events

  Christmas and New Years Eve a specialty



Assisting with land based tours

Public Relations and creating the perfect Atmosphere On board


Special Touches (Bring the zodiacs Onshore)


Ship Trainig Certificates



Crowd management (STCW)


Performance review from Orion Expedition Cruises 2013(click photo)

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